Pearl Abrasive Water Kit for Circular Saws

Includes: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, ball valve diverter assembly, Quick Release Coupler with 2 Rubber Gaskets, Flexible Plastic Tube, Plastic Nut, Hose Clamps.

  • Reduces the operator’s levels of dangerous, cancer causing airborne pathogens, dust and fatigue!
  • Finger tip controls allow the minimal use of water, to help control the hazards to the environment created by dry cutting.
  • Cooling and lubricating with water will make your expensive diamond blades last up to 50% longer.
  • Cooling the blade also helps to cool the motor, thus extending the life of your saw.
  • Kit includes a UL Listed Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter to eliminate shock hazard.
  • Blade Roller & Saw not included

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