PDESH Prodeso Underfloor Heat System Membrane

The Prodeso mat combines the benefit of an underlayment membrane with the comfort and convenience of electrical radiant floor heating. It can be installed directly over the entire subfloor as an uncoupling, crack isolating and waterproofing membrane, making it possible to install underfloor electric heating even on problematic substrates such as wood and cracked screeds. Tiling can begin immediately after the floor heating cable is installed in the desired locations. No additional steps are required. Cost effective way to add warmth and comfort to your cold surfaces.

Prodeso Membrane Features

  • Underfloor Electric Heating System with uncoupling/vapor management/load distribution and waterproof properties.
  • Polypropylene uncoupling crack isolation waterproofing membrane, with rounded square shaped reliefs.
  • Thanks to the thinness of the PRODESO HEAT MEMBRANE (5.5mm / 1/4 inch) it’s the ideal choice when the new tile floor meets an existing surface and height difference is a concern.
  • Roll=161.5 Sq ft (3'3" X 49'2.5") and 29.12 lbs.
  • 2 Pegs Spacing=2.5"
  • 3 Pegs Spacing=3.75"

Question & Answers

Is Prodeso Heat Membrane approved by any association(s)?

Yes the Prodeso Heat Membrane has been tested and approved by the TCNA.

TEST PROCEDURE: ASTM C627: “Standard Test Method for EvaluatingCeramic Floor Tile Installation Systems Using the Robinson-Type Floor Tester”

  • Report Number: TCNA-772-14 Substrate: Concrete Tile: 12 X 12 Porcelain Joist Spacing: N/A Achieved Rating: Extra Heavy�

  • Report Number: TCNA-772-14 Substrate: OSB/ Plywood Tile: 12 x 12 Porcelain Tile Joist Spacing: 19.2" Achieved Rating: Extra Heavy

Can this membrane be applied directly to the subfloor?

We recommend installing cement board over the subfloor to ensure the strongest bond with your thinset. ��Natural moisture and oils from the wood can affect the thinset bond over time.

Does the roll include a thermostat and wire ?

No, this listing is for the Prodeso membrane only - floor heat cable and floor heating thermostats are sold separately.

What heat wire is compatible with the Prodesso Underfloor Heat System Membrane? Is Nuheat wire kit compatible?

All wire is compatible with the Prodesso membrane. The Nuheat wire kit works nicely with the Prodesso mat. Some thin wire will not lock in. A glue gun can be used to lock the thinner wire in place.

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Better than Ditra Heat Mat!!

by - verified purchaser
I am so fed up with the Schluter and am currently looking to replace the "orange" company. I have now used Prodeso on the last 3 radiant heat jobs I have had and I LOVE IT! The Prodeso is softer and more flexible than the orange stuff, which makes it much easier to use and it's less expensive (At least from Contractors Direct it was!)

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