Nuheat Floor Warming Standard Heat Mat 240V

    Nuheat 240V Heat Mats are the perfect floor heating solution. The radiant heat mats are easily installed under many types of flooring materials to provide simple radiant floor heat to any room.

  • Energy efficient, 1/8'' thick heat mats can be controlled using a variety of thermostats (programmable or non-programmable).
  • Nuheat mats provide relaxing warmth to tile, stone, granite, laminate, and engineered wooden floors.
  • All Nuheat floor heating mats are covered by a 25 years warranty.
  • Use either one or a combination of floor heat mats to deliver under floor heat to the entire room.
  • Nuheat mats are available in over 60 sizes and come in both 240 and 120 volt formats. Click here for 120V Nuheat Mats.

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