Nuheat Thermostat - HOME Programmable Floor Heating Thermostat

The Nuheat HOME thermostat has a high-resolution color touchscreen display and can be programmed to control any electric radiant floor heating system.

Nuheat HOME Thermostat Features

  • Touch Screen Display - 3-1/2" backlit screen with adjustable brightness
  • Programmable - Program on/off times and temperatures for each day of the week using either floor or air temperatures sensor modes
  • Safe - Includes built-in UL approved 15 Amp Class A GFCI protection (120v and 240v)


  • Since most thermostats use the same 10k W sensor, older thermostats can be easily upgraded to a Nuheat model
  • Dual-voltage; compatible for 120V and 240V systems
  • Up to 16 thermostats can be controlled from anywhere
  • Each area you want to control requires a circuit and thermostat, up to 15 amps each (typically 150 sq. ft. @ 120V & 300 sq. ft. @ 240V)
  • Installs fast and sets up easy with on-screen prompts to guide the installer

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