Nuheat Cable Floor Heat Kit 240 Volt

Nuheat Cable is quick and easy to install and provides comfortable floor heating to any tile, marble, stone, laminate, or engineered wood floor.

240V Nuheat Cable Features

  • Simple floor heat installation with a single-point lead.
  • Slim profile heat cable is only 3/16" thick.
  • Powerful heating (40 BTUs per sq ft.).
  • Energy efficient (12 watts per sq ft) with 3" spacing.
  • Nuheat cable installs easily under tile, marble, stone, and laminate or engineered wood floors.
  • Cable works great for wet areas shower and sauna applications.
  • UL listed.
  • 25-year warranty.
  • Cable can be used to heat wet areas such as shower beds and benches or saunas.
  • Nuheat cables are available in both 120 & 240 volt formats. Click here for 120V Nuheat Cable.
  • The radiant heat temperature can be controlled with either a programmable or non-programmable floor heat thermostat.
  • Cable can also be installed in combination with a Nuheat Mat system - use standard mats for rectangular or square areas and use cables to fill in the irregularly angled or curved portions of the room.
  • The heating cable is installed and covered with floor leveling cement (self-leveler) or thinset mortar - after the mortar has cured flooring can then be installed on top of this new layer.
  • Cable guides are included in the kit. Extra Nuheat cable guides are also available.


Coverage varies based on the chosen spacing pattern of the cable. 

  • Standard Coverage - 12 watts per sq ft. with 3" or 2/3/2 pillar spacing
ModelCoverage 2/3/2 Pillars*

12 Watts/sq-ft
Coverage 3 Pillars*

10 Watts/sq-ft
Coverage 2 Pillars*

15 Watts/sq-ft
Coverage 2"/3"/2"

15 Watts/sq-ft
Coverage 3"

12 Watts/sq-ft
Total Watts
N2C01514 sq ft17 sq ft11 sq ft12 sq ft15 sq ft165 watts
N2C02020 sq ft24 sq ft16 sq ft15 sq ft20 sq ft224 watts
N2C02525 sq ft30 sq ft20 sq ft20 sq ft25 sq ft302 watts
N2C03534 sq ft40 sq ft27 sq ft30 sq ft35 sq ft403 watts
N2C04544 sq ft53 sq ft35 sq ft35 sq ft45 sq ft523 watts
N2C05551 sq ft61 sq ft41 sq ft45 sq ft55 sq ft632 watts
N2C06562 sq ft74 sq ft50 sq ft50 sq ft65 sq ft742 watts
N2C07069 sq ft82 sq ft55 sq ft60 sq ft70 sq ft842 watts
N2C08583 sq ft99 sq ft66 sq ft70 sq ft85 sq ft1020 watts
N2C09089 sq ft106 sq ft71 sq ft75 sq ft95 sq ft1102 watts
N2C10097 sq ft117 sq ft78 sq ft85 sq ft100 sq ft1211 watts
N2C120117 sq ft140 sq ft93 sq ft100 sq ft120 sq ft1427 watts
N2C135131 sq ft157 sq ft105 sq ft110 sq ft135 sq ft1621 watts
N2C145139 sq ft166 sq ft111 sq ft120 sq ft145 sq ft1704 watts
N2C160156 sq ft187 sq ft125 sq ft130 sq ft160 sq ft1914 watts
N2C170164 sq ft197 sq ft132 sq ft140 sq ft170 sq ft2054 watts
N2C190187 sq ft225 sq ft150 sq ft160 sq ft190 sq ft2314 watts
N2C215210 sq ft252 sq ft168 sq ft180 sq ft215 sq ft2589 watts
N2C240236 sq ft283 sq ft189 sq ft200 sq ft240 sq ft2905 watts

* Pillars for Nuheat Uncoupling Membrane for Floor Heating, Prodeso Underfloor Heat System Membrane, and Schluter Ditra-Heat.

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