Norton Charger Dry Core Bits for General Purpose and Masonry Materials

Dry drilling core bits for use on portable drilling equipment. Best suited for applications in soft, non-reinforced cured concrete and concrete block.

  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Total segment height: .276"
  • All dry core bits are to be used on a hand-held core drill
  • All dry core bits have a 5-8/"-11 threaded attachment
  • All bits are 16" long to produce a 13" core
Norton Charger Dry Core Bit Specifications
Model No.Size in Inches (mm)RPM
CGDBIT01001" (25 mm)4,000
CGDBIT01251-1/4" (32 mm)3,000
CGDBIT01501-1/2" (38 mm)3,000
CGDBIT01751-3/4" (44 mm)2,000
CGDBIT02002" (51 mm)2,000
CGDBIT02502-1/2" (64 mm)1,300
CGDBIT03003" (76 mm)1,300
CGDBIT03503-1/2" (89 mm)1,000
CGDBIT04004" (102 mm)1,000
CGDBIT04504-1/2" (114 mm)1,000
CGDBIT05005" (127 mm)800
CGDBIT06006" (152 mm)665

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