Norton Clipper 4x4 Max Cut High Speed Diamond Blade

Concrete, reinforced concrete, granite, building materials, thin steel sections, angle iron up to 1/2" thickness, rebar up to #5. High-speed cutting and versatility.


  • 4x4 segment design with its anti-crack gullets and patented depth indicator that not only cool the blade but also let the operator know how deep they are cutting
  • All new bond and diamond specification improves blade life
  • General purpose cuts a wide range of materials while excelling in steel
  • New segment wear indicator shows the remaining blade life
  • Job Size: medium to large
  • Horsepower Range: 13 hp
  • Equipment types: High Speed, Small Walk-behind, and masonry saws
  • Cutting method: Wet or dry cutting
  • Arbor: 1" / 20mm
  • Diamond depth: 0.472"
  • To reduce undercutting with a dry blade, be sure to minimize blade / sub-base contact
Norton Clipper 4x4 Max Cut Specifications
Model No.SizeRPM
4X4MC1211812" x .118" x 1"/20 mm6,300
4X4MC1412514" x .125" x 1"/20 mm5,460

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