Noble Shower Curb Overlay

Noble curb is lightweight, durable and ready to tile.

  • Noble curbs are waterproof, lightweight and "tile ready"
  • Installs in minutes versus hours
  • Easy to cut to size
  • Curb overlay fit standard 2"x4" construction
  • Made of high density polystyrene (EPS) and coated with an acrylic finish
Installation instruction
  • Substrate should be level prior to commencing work
  • Install curb prior of installation of full mortar bed and after waterproof membrane
  • Coat inside of curb overlay with thin-set mortar and place over shower pan liner
  • Curb overlay should rest firmly on curb structure, thin-set coating should provide leveling and support
  • After curb is leveled, secure with large headed fasteners on outside apron
  • Caulk with 100% silicone sealant where the curb meets the wall/jamb

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