Montolit Masterpiuma P3 Tile Cutter

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The Italian-made Masterpiuma P3 tile cutter features a new high-leverage handle, an improved breaking system, and a unique lubricating cutting wheel for silky smooth scoring.

  • Cuts porcelain, ceramic, glass, and mosaic tile
  • Cuts material 1/4" - 1" thick
  • Adjustable breaking system
  • Long lasting titanium wheel with oil lubrication
  • Multiple lengths available

Montolit Masterpiuma Basic Features

  • Using the ergonomic grip, incision is carried out with a push stroke, which is highly effective on all materials.
  • On the protractor square, there are two measuring scales: the first, on the sloping part, refers to the edge of the tile and provides the correct measurement for all degrees of inclination.
  • The second scale, at the top of the square, provides the measurement from the corner of the tile to the cutting line for 45° cuts, and is especially useful for tilers.
  • The tool lever is equipped with a special cut-off device.
  • This device descends automatically when the handle is raised and is essential for cutting tiles diagonally and cutting mosaic only with art. 58 Mosakit.


  • Structure in die-cast aluminium and nickel-plated steel for maximum strength and weather-resistance; feet and cut-off device made of special non-scratch plastic.
  • Titanium wheel as standard (special for porcelain tile); protractor square and extension close away without protruding beyond the profile of the machine.
  • Sprung tables for safe tile splitting and extendable support rod for large-format tiles.
  • Patented die-cast aluminum plus nickel-plated steel “boxed” structure guarantees strength and total weather-proofing.
  • Special spring-suspension galvanized plates support tiles while cutting.
  • Cutting head, which is pushed forward across the tile, features a large diameter tungsten carbide wheel which requires no adjustment for changing thicknesses.
  • The point of contact of the cutting tool is coated with a special impact-resistant, scratch-proof material that will not scratch or stain delicate and/or light-colored tile surfaces.
  • Tile splitting uses the same cutting tool, with a dual option: 90° traditional cut or adjustable angled cut of large-sized tiles by means of a diagonal splitting system for mosaics and precision cuts.
  • Adjustable square is completely recessed into machine perimeter, is equipped with a double 0° and 45° scale and with a specially-designed reference notch which allows for precise, rapid measurement of cuts in either a clockwise (0° to 75°) or counter-clockwise (0° to -45°) direction.
  • Support feet are made of non-slip scratch-proof rubber.
  • Compact and light weight Adjustment for thicker tile up to 1” thick.
  • The spring loaded table and foam extension pads provide alternative breaking methods and the proper amount of impact absorption to reduce broken tile (especially on the harder porcelains).
  • Mount to allow handy hanging.
  • The cutting wheel is mounted with a pin that can be easily tapped out for quick and effortless wheel replacement (one size fits all).

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Perfect tile cutter

I bought the Montolit 24 inch in the middle of a job and it lives up to the You Tube demo in every way. The function and feel is solid and professional, unlike those double tube cutters out there made in china. I was able to cut 1/2 inch strips out of 24 inch long tiles. Buy the Italian made tile cutter, its worth the extra money and double your satisfaction.

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The Best Italian Tile Cutter!

This cutter is hands down the best tile cutter I have ever used. When you are using this board to cut mosaic be sure to use the mosaic pad kit for the best results. Fast delivery showed up in pristine condition great product!

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Outstanding cutter

by - verified purchaser
Great board leaps and bounds better than my old Sigma. Use it more than my saw in most jobs.

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Montolit Masterpiuma 24 "

by - verified purchaser
Made in Italy says it all. Superior design, high quality of materials, ease of use compared to other cutters, slide bar and snap, no moving handel back or up to snap tile. also like the way you can gently snap compared to some sigmas you have to bang down on more, plus you are scoring up toward gauge so tile stays secure. sigma has gauge at bottom which is better for a pull machine, both cutters are nice but the Montolit is in a league by itself. Just my two cents! If you're cutting over 24" get the 36" but the 24"is great for most jobs, cuts 12x24 long ways like a charm! Mosaics n glass cut beautiful too! Score a 24" tile with one finger, enough said😀 Have fun tiling - Retired union setter in CT

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The Absolute Best Tile Cutter

by - verified purchaser
Ths is by far the best tile cutter board I have ever used!!!

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