Ratchet MINI Seam Setter

Seam Setter provides a quick and easy solution for the accurate and safe positioning of countertops. The tool is lightweight and simple to use. No other device is this fast and convenient. Knob device allows precision vertical adjustment.

  • MINI seam setter is the simplest but very functional seam joining tool in the market.
  • Features double 4" suction cups, manual puller/tighten handle, and center leveler.
  • Useful for leveling and seam joining of tiles and granite counter tops.
  • For joining and seaming of granite counter tops, 2 pieces of this seam setters will achieve the best result.
  • The working area is easily accessible while the seam setters are in place, so removal is not needed in order to apply epoxy or scrape the seam.
  • Achieve high-quality, even seams.
  • Durable, long-lasting components.
  • Reliable, full-contact vacuum cups.
  • Large 4” cups handle heavy stone tops with ease.
  • Dimension is 12" x 4".
  • Weight 3.8 lbs.
  • Positioning /holding capacity: 60 kg.

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