Montolit Tile Cutter by Raimondi

Basic Features
  • Cuts Porcelain, Floor tile, Mosaic sheets, from 1/4" to 1" thick.
  • Adjustable breaking system, long lasting carbide wheel.
  • Patented die-cast aluminum plus nickel-plated steel “boxed” structure guarantees strength and total weather-proofing.
  • Special spring-suspension galvanized plates support tiles while cutting.
  • Cutting head, which is pushed forward across the tile, features a large diameter tungsten carbide wheel which requires no adjustment for changing thicknesses.
  • The point of contact of the cutting tool is coated with a special impact-resistant, scratch-proof material that will not scratch or stain delicate and/or light-colored tile surfaces.
  • Tile splitting uses the same cutting tool, with a dual option: 90° traditional cut or adjustable angled cut of large-sized tiles by means of a diagonal splitting system for mosaics and precision cuts.
  • Adjustable square is completely recessed into machine perimeter, is equipped with a double 0° and 45° scale and with a specially-designed reference notch which allows for precise, rapid measurement of cuts in either a clockwise (0° to 75°) or counter-clockwise (0° to -45°) direction.
  • Support feet are made of non-slip scratch-proof rubber.
  • Compact and light weight Adjustment for thicker tile up to 1” thick.
  • The spring loaded table and foam extension pads provide alternative breaking methods and the proper amount of impact absorption to reduce broken tile (especially on the harder porcelains).
  • Mount to allow handy hanging.
  • The cutting wheel is mounted with a pin that can be easily tapped out for quick and effortless wheel replacement (one size fits all).

Length of Cut 20 in24 in29 in
Diagonally Cuts14 in17 in21 in
Weight16.5 lbs.18.5 lbs.20.7 lbs.

Question & Answers

Where can I find a replacement hand/head assembly for this Raimondi cutter?

Please send an email to - we'll be glad to set up a custom order for any Raimondi tile cutter parts.

Would this be a good option to cut glazed polished carrara porcelain tiles 3/8" think and calacatta blanco 10mm mosaics marble tiles?

Yes, the Montolit cutters are well suited for dense porcelain and mosaic cutting.

Is there a replacement handle kit for the Masterpiuma? The sliding lever has got some "side to side" play in it. I've had it for over 12+ yrs now. I'm assuming it's wear on the handle part that has got me cutting my tile at a slight angle. I'm off from 1/16" to 1/8".

Yes, replacement Montolit tile cuter parts and handles are available for custom order. Please send an email to and we'll be glad to help!

Does this tile cutter come with a case?

No, it does not have a case

Does it come with an extra scoring wheel

No, the Raimondi Montolit Masterpiuma Porcelain Tile Cutter does not come with a replacement scoring wheel. You can buy the replacements at Contractors Direct

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Most Helpful Reviews


24" straight cutter

Im on my second one of these in 13 years. They last about 10-11 years before they become totally worn out. I wouldn't ever use another brand of cutter. This one gets 5 stars plus

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Great tile cutter

Great cutter, made in Italy, this cutter is perfect for the modern tile setter

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Troubles are over

by - verified purchaser
I used this tile cutter on porcelien tile today and I can't believe how good it works. And this cutter was about six years old. I love it, and I'm buying one as soon as they open tomorrow.

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simply perfect

by - verified purchaser
Like all Raimondi tools I have bought this cutter just is the best cutter I've ever owned. I thought my felker was a great cutter and it was for what I paid for it but the Montolit is in a class of it's own. you can break tile with precision and it's very consistent at breaking down the score and the break is super clean. I love Raimondi tools and if you are a setter that takes pride in his work and the quality of it rather than lick and stick scab tile then you need this cutter. I gave it 4 stars because it didn't come with a case otherwise this would be a 5 star product.

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