A-90582 Makita Rotary Hammer Grease, 1 oz.
  • Use with demolition and rotary hammers.
  • Extends tool wear life, grease should be replaced after 50 hrs of accumulated use.
  • Increases energy transfer to tool.
  • Improved efficiency of lubrication and maintenance.
  • A small amount on an SDS drill bit will extend the life of an SDS chuck.
  • A must for heavy duty users.
  • For use with Makita HK1800L, HR3851, HR1821, HR2410, HR2400, HR2511, HR5000, HK1810, HM1211, HM1500B.
  • Rotary Hammer Grease that replaces 181490-7.
Maintain your tools
  • Next to using an undersized drill for a drilling job, poor maintenance practices can lead to ruin your rotary hammers.
  • Rotary hammers create impact through electro-mechanical or electro-pneumatic systems inside the tool.
  • These systems transfer intense forces into concrete in a highly abrasive environment the components must be maintained.
  • Pay attention to the maintenance intervals.
  • Timely lubrication and cleaning greatly extended the life of the tool.
  • The operator manual outlines appropriate maintenance intervals.
  • Only use the type of grease recommended by the manufacturer.
  • When the rings are shot and the cylinder is damaged the tool is ruined.

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