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 Makita Cut Off Saws & Grinders 
 Makita Polishers & Sanders 
 Makita Demolition Hammers & Drills 
 Makita Cordless Concrete Vibrators & Rebar Cutter 
 Makita Generators 
Dedicated to Quality
Makita owes its reputation for building outstanding quality power tools to the drive and determination for excellence that began over 90 years ago as a manufacturer of electric motors. In 1958, Makita introduced their first electric tool. Today Makita is one of the world's largest power tool manufacturers with seven manufacturing facilities globally and a selection of over 350 superior, innovative tools and well over 4,500 accessories.

Makita engineers and manufactures innovative cordless tools. Our goal in designing any cordless tool is to allow all the convenience cordless offers without sacrificing the power or efficiency of a corded tool.

The Makita Advantage
From Concept to Completion

Almost 90 years ago, Makita pledged to design and manufacture the best motors available. Makita believes that the motor is the heart of any power tool and we take great pride in our motor expertise. We spare no expense in producing the most powerful, efficient and best performing motors available for each tool.

Highest Quality Raw Materials:
The first building block in manufacturing the most powerful and efficient motor is the choice of raw materials. Makita selects only the highest quality raw materials for its motor components, knowing that these are the key elements in determining the quality, durability and efficiency of a motor.

Premium-Grade Steel - used to produce armature shafts and gears, and graded to the highest industry standards High-Grade Magnetic Copper Wire - 97% Pure Copper for superior current flow and to withstand extreme temperatures Premium-Grade Magnetic Steel – ensures efficient current flow and higher output of power

Armature & Field Core:
The armature is the first building block in assembling the motor. All Makita armatures are dynamically balanced to twice the industry standard, giving Makita the finest balanced motor armature available to ensure long life with less vibration.

The field core is made from the highest quality magnetic steel available and is stamped and laminated into a tight and uniform core. The tight tolerances in the field core deliver the most efficient energy transfer and the most output power.

Advanced Quality Control :
As significant as raw materials and motor design are, manufacturing equipment and processes play an equally important role in producing the best tools on the market. Makita uses the most stringent manufacturing processes and quality control in the industry, assuring every tool meets professional standards.

19 total quality checks on the motor alone Heat treated shafts and gears for extreme durability Tightest tolerances for long-lasting, unsurpassed performance Most rigorous testing to include electrical resistance, surge durability and mechanical efficiency 3-minute final run test under power ensures maximum performance The Makita Advantage: Makita has long been recognized for manufacturing the highest quality motors in the industrial power tool industry. Over 90 years experience designing and building high performance motors Highest quality raw materials in making motor components Longest-lasting and most efficient motors in the power tool industry Most rigorous testing of all components and finished product Most reliable power tools in the industry.

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