MK-404RCK Tiger Tooth Diamond Blade
  • Vacuum Brazed Diamond Segments.
  • The most versatile blade available
  • Carbide coated core increases cutting speed and blade life.
  • Will cut PVC pipe, masonry, wood, ductile iron pipe, concrete, & polyethylene pipe.
  • 1" arbor bushed to 20 mm
  • Recommend for use at 2,500 RPM
  • The Tiger Tooth diamond blade is engineered for use by Fire Fighters, Rescue, USAR, S.W.A.T. and Police.
  • Applications include utilization as an Emergency Rescue Blade and Tactical Entry Tool.
  • MK Diamond's new Vacuum Brazed Technology is the secret to the Fire Tiger Tooth’s effectiveness.
  • Diamond particles are fused directly to the steel core creating the strongest heat resistant bond available when cutting without water cooling.
  • Available in the most popular sizes, the Fire Tiger Tooth can be employed on hand-held grinders, circular saws,chop saws and gas cutoff saws.
  • Outlasting abrasive cutting discs 100 to 1 the Fire Tiger Tooth is not only time saving but a cost effective cutting solution
  • In time sensitive situations the Fire Tiger Tooth will provide quick and efficient cutting of a diverse range of materials such as: Masonry, Concrete, Roof Tile, Dry Wall, Stainless Steel, Wood, Steel, Copper Pipe, Stucco, PVC, Plastic, Rebar, Tile Backer Board, Corrugated Roofing, Polyethylene Pipes, Aluminum.
  • This includes such common items as: Nader Bolts, Metal Hinges, Acrylic, Padlocks, Steel Doors, Lexan, Hardened Stainless Shackles, Chain Link, Window Bar.

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