MM903E MBW Mortar & Plaster Mixer 9 ft³. 3 hp, Electric 230V

Heavy duty high quality mortar mixer, lower maintenance and longer life.

MM903E Advantages

  • Heavy duty quality paddle shaft and clamping design.
  • High bearing capacity, cast iron trunion and pillow block quality.
  • Heavy duty frame strength & drive gears.
  • Superior belt tension mechanism, drum latch/lock system, drum and grill weldments.
  • Strong engine shroud & front leg design.
  • Heavy duty gauge throughout the mixer.
  • Chain to V-belts to gears.
  • Wheels ST175/ 80D13. high speed.
  • Hitch Sold Separately
MBW MM903E Mortar & Plaster Mixer Specifications
Horse Power3 hp
MotorElectric - 230 V
Bag Capacity3 - 3-1/2 Bags
Drum Capacity9 cu. ft.
Shaft Speed39 RPM
Charging Height49 in. (124 cm)
Dimensions46 in. x 71 in. x 57 in.
Operating Weight775 lbs. (352 kg.)

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