Ledgeline Innovis Ready To Tile Shower Shelf 36" Long

New product from the maker of Better bench and Recess-it. Easy to install, ready to tile shelf! Just mark it, mount it, drill it, and tile it!

  • Structurally supports tiled shelving up to 6" in depth, and will meet virtually any length. Ideal for new look anywhere ceramic tile and shelving are desire, ie: showers, kitchen backsplash, display area, etc.
  • Unit Size 3.5" Deep x 36" Long.
  • Can be cut easily or can be added to additional units to achieve virtually any length desired.
  • Fully independent supporting unit, can be mounted to most vertical surfaces quickly and efficiently, saving the installer valuable time.
  • What once took days can now be done in about an hour!
  • 200 lb load capacity.
  • Install before or after finish tile is applied to vertical surfaces.
  • Self-supporting, one piece frame is easy to install with supplied fasteners, requiring no additional waterproofing or structural reinforcement.
  • Use in wet or dry locations; mount over any U.B.C. approved substrate material.
  • Use supplied fasteners to mount over pre-installed substrate.
  • Finish shelf by bonding top and bottom tiles together, using suitable thinset or mastic and fill all open joints with grout.
  • Direct fastening to studs or blocking is eliminated when using supplied hollow wall anchors.
  • Ledgeline is manufactured in the U.S.A.

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