Lustro Italiano Stone Polish 13.5 oz. Aerosol Can

Lustro Italiano™ stone polish is a 11 ounce aerosol can with sealants that have unique properties that bring out the luster of natural stone.

  • Compared to other polishes, it creates a deeper long-lasting shine.
  • Uses the long history of Italian stone masters to enhance credibility.
  • Elegant, specialized stone care products and packaging to support the consumer’s perception that stone is a valuable addition to their home.
  • This coverage of this product varies with different absorbtion rates of the stone. Typically an 11 oz. can will treat 120-150 sq. ft of stone.
Instructions for Use:
  • Shake can vigorously before spraying. Make sure surface to be polished is clean and free of dust and grease. Spray directly on surface. Using a clean, dry cloth spread a thin layer across the surface. Wait a few minutes then wipe off the excess. Surface will completely dry in approximately 3 minutes. IMPORTANT: Please test on small, hidden area before using.

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