Lustro Italiano Stone Cleaner 32 oz. Spray Bottle

Lustro Italiano™ stone cleaner is a 32 ounce bottle with attachable sprayer that contains no harsh detergents that can strip away stones natural polish. Unlike some other household solvents, this cleaner will not shorten the life of stone sealants.

  • Can be used on natural stone, quartz stone, solid surface products, such as corian, as well as stainless steel and ceramic tile.
  • Uses the long history of Italian stone masters to enhance credibility.
  • Elegant, specialized stone care products and packaging to support the consumer’s perception that stone is a valuable addition to their home.
Instructions for Use:
  • Spray surface and let Lustro Italiano stone cleaner sit for approximately 30 seconds before wiping with a sponge or light-duty pad. Wipe dry with paper towel, changing towels frequently.

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