Kristal Giga-Cut 29" Tile Cutter With Laser

The fastest way to cut ceramic tile is by using a hand tile cutter.

General Features

  • 750 mm (~29") rip cut, 530 mm (~20") diagonal cuts, weighs 39 lbs.
  • Laser system shows the line to be cut.
  • Cuts porcelain, floor tile, mosaics and other material.
  • The ball bearings in the cutting head allow the head to move smoothly and precisely on the steel guide bar.
  • Double breaking system allows users to snap in the middle or end of the tile.
  • Single steel guide bar of 15mm thickness will not flex when breaking porcelain tile in the center of the material.
  • Spring loaded steel plates for better shock absorption and allow user a clean break.
  • Specially designed ruler can swivel and lock for repetitive cuts at any angle.
  • L cuts and electrical outlets cut-outs can only be achieved with a wet saw.
  • All components are electrostatically powder painted.
  • Ball bearing Tungsten Carbide cutting wheel is in 22 mm diameter.

Question & Answers

Does the Kristal Giga-Cut 750 mm Tile Cutter With Laser come with a case?

No, the Kristal Giga-Cut 750 mm Tile Cutter with Laser does not come with a case.

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