Husqvarna Piranha PCD Tools Application Range
  • Maximum wear and productivity is ensured with Husqvarna’s Piranha™ diamond scraper inserts.
  • For use on the PG machinery range in conjunction with the Redi Lock™ system.
  • Single or double quarter-round PCD with protective diamond strip.
  • Tools can be re-tipped once worn out.
  • Fits: PG 530, PG 680, PG 820, PG 400 planetary grinders.
  • Strong base plate with milled Redi Lock tab for attachment to carrier discs or bolt-on.
  • 577866601, Double Segment Redi Lock, PCD Grit, white color. For use on all PG Grinders -- Clockwise Rotation
  • 543086609, Single Segment Bolt-on, PCD Grit, Gold Color. For use on PG 820 or PG 620 -- Counter-Clockwise Rotation

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