Husqvarna PG 680 Accessories

Accessories Options

  • Redi Lock diamond holder disc, 502545801.
  • Three Redi Lock holder are included with grinder, get additional holders to switch entire set of diamonds instantly.
  • Resin disc holder, 502545101.
  • Resin holder disc repl. rubber pad, 502545501.
  • Resin holder disc repl velcro pad, 502545601.
  • Rubber skirt, non marking, 590499202.
  • Head lock, 502534401.
  • Head lock screw, M6 X 1.0 X 20mm 12.9 ZP, 725537051.
  • The Head Locks and Head Lock Screws are wear items, designed to shear if the contractor hit some rebar so it doesn't hurt anything internal inside the grinder.
  • Water Kit, 505453201.
  • Grinding head steel spring, 502534201.
  • Silicone ring head spring, 502534301.

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