Husqvarna FS 309 14" Concrete Saw 965150016

The FS 300-series includes lightweight and compact floor saws. These saws are ideal for small repair jobs and are very easy to handle. They can be transported in any small vehicle. Shown with OPTIONAL water tank.

Low vibration engine mount

  • Patent-pending low-vibration engine mount offering a greater comfort in work.


  • The patented IntelliSeal blade spindle has four sealed radial bearings for strength and durability.
  • Allows for a minimum of 500 hour maintenance intervals and a 1000 hour limited warranty.

Adjustable handles

  • Patent-pending adjustable handles for increased operator comfort.
  • Adjustment allows operator to be positioned closer to cutting side for easier alignment and straighter cuts.
  • Handle can also be folded for transport.
Poly V-belt
  • Poly-V belts for optimum power transmission.

Other Features

  • Adjustable right rear wheel for increased stability. Husqvarna’s floor saws are robust, well designed and easy to use thanks to features as protective cage, lift bail and cutting depth indicator.
  • Patent-pending raise/lower assist system, using gas spring.
  • Ideal for very small road repair jobs, cutting small trenches for pipe laying and cutting in difficult-to-access job sites.
  • Very lightweight for ease of transport and handling.
  • Adjustable handle and extendable right rear wheel for increased stability.
  • Patent-pending assisted raise/lower system using a gas spring.
  • Excellent power transmission to the blade due to the Poly-V belt.

Husqvarna FS309 Concrete Saw Specifications
Power (Gas)8.5 hp / 6,000 W
Blade Capacity14 inch
Arbor1 inch
Blade RPM3,500
Depth of Cut4-5/8 inch
Dimensions36" x 15" x 39"
Weight117 lbs

Technical data

  • Robin engine, Max output 6.7 kW / 8.98 hp
  • Diamond blade and optional water tank sold separately 543084137 (call for more information and pricing)
  • Free shipping to a commercial address from factory warehouse

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