Husqvarna FC-40 Hydraulic Adjustable Flow Control Valve 506197501

Flow control allowing use of various hydraulic sources.

Technical Information

  • Flow rates: 10 gpm (40 l/min), 8 gpm (30 l/min), 5 gpm (20 l/min)
  • Maximum input: 30 gpm (110 l/min)
  • Pressure relief valve: adjustable
  • Supplied with 1/2" Flat Face couplers on the output side
  • Weight 9.2 lbs (4.2 kg.)
General Information
  • Easy-to-use hydraulic flow and pressure controller which provides an interface between hydraulic tools and the hydraulic system on (for example) a tractor, a lorry or a mechanical digger.
  • The large control knob is for setting the correct flow rate for the tool in use (40, 30 or 20 l/min).
  • A valve limits the outward pressure to 140 bar (this maximum pressure can, however, be adjusted to a different value).

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