Core Bore THOWL Heavy Duty Orange Turbo Wet Diamond Core Bits

Diamond Products Core Bore is one of the top brands in the Diamond Core Bit Business. With a wide range of quality grades you can get inexpensive bits or high performing long lasting bits and everything in-between all made with high safety standards in mind. Wet Core Bits can be used with hand held unit or rig mounted units.

  • THOWL General purpose, heavy steel soft bond, for heavy steel and hard concrete.
  • Designed for wet drilling in applications with light to moderate steel.
  • High diamond concentration for excellent speed in moderate to heavy steel applications.
  • This bit is one of the fastest general purpose bits available.
  • Use this bit with low to medium HP machines.
  • This is a very fast cutting and soft bond bit.
  • Serrated segments for less surface-to-surface contact allows faster coring action.
  • High diamond concentration for excellent footage and drilling speed.
  • 1" to 1-1/2" = 5/8"-11 Threaded Hub.
  • Threaded Hub 1-5/8" and up = 1-1/4"-7 Threaded Hub.
  • Segments width .187" for bits 1-1/2" to 6-1/2".
  • Segments width .250" for bits 7" and up.
  • Core length of 13".
  • Any length available upon request

Question & Answers

Do these core bits leave a hole the exact diameter listed?

The hole left behind is .005 (5 thousands of a inch) larger than the diameter of the bit.

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