HV301 Automatic Self Leveling Laser

Featuring the tough HR100 receiver for working in inclement weather, and a 360-degree, infrared, long-range remote control for working up to 225 feet away from the transmitter, the HV301-1 Interior Package is ideal for both exterior and interior leveling and aligning tasks. The HR100 receiver Features a built-in magnet and mounts to a grid or track. An LED display is readable in brightly lit indoor or outdoor applications such as soffit, curtain-wall, or glazing. The package also includes the HV301 laser, rechargeable batteries, charger, wall mount, ceiling target, operator's manual and hard carrying case. The HV301 transmitter sends a continuous, self-leveled 360-degree laser reference over your entire work area. Designed for use by virtually anyone doing interior applications, the HV301 unit is easy to set up and use and is rugged enough for the toughest job site. Intuitive controls allow operators to carry out many functions with simple "one-touch" commands. Highly durable construction and IP54 sealing enable the HV301 to survive a drop of up to 1 meter (3 feet) onto concrete and to be unaffected by dust or moisture.


General construction

  • Leveling, form alignment, 4’/1M marks, building square, transfer of control points
  • Landscapers, remodeling, residential, concrete, and light to medium commercial contractors

Interior construction
  • Walls, acoustical, raised access floors,sprinkler elevations

Site preparation & excavating contractors
  • Footing and foundation depth, controlling sub grade and sub-base elevations, matching driveways and entryways, septic and fuel tank depths
  • Ability to take a 1 M (3’) drop on concrete
  • Two-stage battery life indicator
  • 360º IR remote sensor coverage
  • Up to 75M (225’) long range remote operation
  • Very bright, well collimated beam
  • Very good receiver dead band consistency over temperature and distance
  • Pool contractors, septic & fuel storage tank installers, grading contractors

Features & Benefits

  • Accuracy improved by 50% over the previous series from 2mm/10m to 1.0 mm/10 M, 1/8” in 100’
  • Quieter rotor motor One button electronic leveling with ± 5° range for easy operation
  • Fixed split beam prism with improved rotating output power (~2x that of a 1452)
  • Water & dust prof
  • Battery life improved about 2 times
  • No tool battery door removal
  • Side mounted charger easier for user to charge
  • Standard NiCad recharge Kit (~30 hrs of operation)
  • Can use d-cell alkaline’s.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase batteries
  • 4 marking notches on each side (4 total) provides operator fast positioning over a point for plumb transfer
LED Indicators
  • Red LED flashes when the unit is in manual or when the HI alert has been activated
  • Green LED flashes while the unit is leveling
  • Two distinct indications help the user easily understand the operation

4 Preset Speeds

  • 10 RPM – Checking for low hanging obstructions, or off level doors or windows used to match ceiling height
  • 80 RPM – brightly lit interior applications
  • 200 RPM – standard interior applications
  • 600 RPM – outdoor GC receiver applications
  • Lets you work under all lighting conditions

Improved productivity

  • Square m(ft’) grid installed per day
  • Lineal m(ft’) track installed per day
  • Savings = (% increase) x (cost m/ft)
  • Payback = unit cost (savings) x (m/ft installed per year)
  • No one needed behind instrument.
  • Replacing three tools (level, tape/transit, and plumb bob) with one product
  • Eliminates communication problems and rod reading errors
  • Reduces rework – everyone working from the same reference

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