Pearl 15" Hexplate with Clutch and 6 Turbo Cut Pins

Hexplate with Clutch Features:

  • Super clutch will disengage if the Hexpin plate hits an obstruction, i.e. bolts
  • Protects the operator from injury, protects buffer from damage and keeps buffer coupler from breaking
  • Super clutch is self resetting, simply turn off buffer and restart, less downtime
  • Manually resetting torque locks (red tabs) inside clutch housing wil keep clutch form disengaging
  • Torque Locks can be locked into place if there is a problem with the clutch disengaging too often because of the job. Simply loosen the screws holding the torque locks and turn the long end under the toothed slip ring - TIGHTEN THE SCREWS

Carbide Turbo Cut Pin Features:

  • Specially engineered for coating removal where abrasive grains are more effective than customary scraping methods
  • Suited for light scarifying of coated surfaces, removal of urethane and rubberized coatings, sealers, and light rust from metal surfaces

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