Pullman Ermator Dust Collection

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Pullman Ermator Dust Collection

Pullman Ermator S26 HEPA Dust Extraction Vacuum

  • Powerful dust separator suitable for applications involving fine dust.
  • Can handle building, grinding, plaster and concrete dust.
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    8366 Pullman-Holt Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuums

    $638.00 to $649.00
  • S25 has a 7 gallon tank.
  • S50 has a 14 gallon tank, an ergonomic handle in the chassis and a dump valve.
  • Equipped with dual and individually tested and certified HEPA filters.
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    8367 Pullman-Holt Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum Accessories

    $6.58 to $241.00
  • Accessories for S25 and S50 Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuums
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    390HEPA Pullman-Holt 4-Gallon Canister Style Vacuum

  • Powerful 4-gallon, dry only HEPA vacuum with exceptional stability.
  • Canister style vacuum has a superior, low profile design that makes it extremely maneuverable and easy to use.
  • W70 Pullman Ermator Wet/Dry Slurry Vacuum

  • Known for it’s quality, durability, efficiency and long, trouble­-free service life.
  • Uses a combined filter/float system to maximize suction and guarantee water and other particles don't damage the vacuum motor.
  • S36 Pullman Ermator HEPA Dust Extractor

  • The most powerful single-phase HEPA Dust Extractor on the market today..
  • Three large, commercial-grade vacuum motors provide over 353CFM (230 V) and 100 inches of waterlift, perfect for planetary floor grinders.
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    S13 Pullman Ermator HEPA Dust Extractor

  • Can be connected to electrical, hand-operated power tools to extract freshly cut, friable concrete dust.
  • An effective all-around construction vacuum for all types of jobsites.
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