Gemini Separating Blade Tile Shaper Ring Saw

The Gemini Separating Blade is a multi-purpose diamond blade with an aggressive grit designed specifically for internal cutting. The Separating Blade is omni-directional and cuts at the same speed and kerf in any direction. The blade opens to slide material inside the blade to make internal cuts without an using an entrance cut.

Taurus 3 Separating Blade Features

  • For internal cuts, omni-directional.
  • Material thickness capacity: 3/8"
  • Typically used for 1/8" art glass and 1/4" soft wall tile.
  • The Separating Blade is the same size as the Taurus 3 Standard Blade and has the exact same cutting action.
  • The Separating Blade is made from a stainless steel wire and coupling which allows the user to open and close the blade for easy internal cuts.
  • After drilling a small starter hole through the material, this blade gives you the ability to open the blade, slide your material inside, reattach and make internal cuts with no entry point.
  • Great for cutting glass, thin tile, stone, shell, nonferrous metals, hard plastics such as acrylic and lexan, and anything that has a similar density to these materials.
  • This blade is not recommended for cutting thick materials, ceramic tile, and 3/8" or thicker fused glass.
  • All Gemini blades use the same belt and grommets. Blades are interchangeable with the same belt and grommets and do not need to be changed unless they are excessively worn.
  • Always let the blade do the cutting. Forcing the blade through the material in a hurry will not only cause a slower cut but can also shorten the blade life. There is an optimum speed for each blade in each material; you can feel it while you are cutting. Sensitivity to this causes extremely long blade life - try to find the sweet spot where you get maximum cutting speed with only minimal pressure.

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Separating blade for taurus 3 Ring Saw

by - verified purchaser
i bought the separating blade and it dident even last me a week i dont know what happen but the blade that came with the taurus saw it last me at least 3 months so i think that the separating blade was defected and i would never buy it again.

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