CS Unitec 10" Guide Bars for Concrete Chain Saws. GB 01-2540
  • Guide Bars with internal water feed.
  • 10" chain has 25 segments for 10" max. cutting depth, 9" square corners.
Cutting tips to improve chain life:
  • Use minimum of 20 PSI water pressure.
  • Always cut at full throttle slowly plunge into wall and push hard enough to cause the RPMs to drop by 25% to 30%.
  • Always apply steady feed force.
  • Slowly rock the bar and chain into the cut using Wallwalker® as a pry point.
  • Reduce arm motions hold saw close to body, using legs and body to apply feed force; always cut with saw between shoulders and knees, preferably at waist height.
  • If saw begins to drift off the intended cut line, pull out and restart cut.

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