DustControl, DC F 60 Pre-Separator, 7069

When large quantities of material are to be separated, it is advisable to use a pre-separator. The pre-separator can be placed at the work place or in conjunction with the central unit.

  • Especially suited for parquet grinding.
  • High speed cyclone.
  • For an easy transport the lock can be reversed an put into the container.
  • Robust steel container.
  • Can be connected to our dust extractors DC 1800 eco, DC 2900a/c eco and DC 3900a/c eco.
  • The pre-separator DC F60 can handle large quantities of dust, especially in the case of parquet grinding.
  • Due to its large inlet the pre-separator is also well suited to separate coarse dirt.
  • Because 90% of the dust is already separated in the DC F60, the number of emptying trips is reduced considerably for the user.
  • Can also be equipped with our tear-resistant plastic sacks (Part no 42285).
When a pre-separator is to be used the following should be considered:
  • Type of dust to be handled.
  • Where the unit should be placed and how emptying will be performed.
  • Expected airflow.
Pre-separators should be used:
  • For material recovery.
  • Material transportation.
  • To reduce the loading on the ducting system.
  • To relieve loading on the central filter.
  • To reduce the risk for filter clogging.
  • When fluids are to be separated.
  • Pre-separators can be used in all applications where the extracted material is coarse or voluminous.
  • These can be placed in the actual workplace for separate handling or recovery of the extracted material, or centrally.
  • Pre-separators separate material from the air-flow using the action of a cyclone or with inertial separation. Inertial separators are generally configured as containers with the inlet and outlet in the same wall of the container.
  • When the air-flow changes direction abruptly, separation occurs for the particles with higher relative mass.

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