Crown 10S Highway Towable Mortar Mixer

  • Choose between 7.9 hp Gonda GX240 gas motor or single phase 2 hp electric motor (110/220 V, 20.4/10.2 amps)
  • 7 gauge steel for longer drum life
  • Crowns exclusive Shear Pin Protection system shields the gear reducer and engine from potential damage should an engaged mixer be impeded by a shovel or other foreign object.
  • Crown's self-latching drum lock is knee operated, freeing both hands for optional dumping control.
  • Large 5.3 x 12" tires for smooth towing to your job
  • 3 to 3-1/2 bags capacity, 10 cubic ft.
  • Highway towable comes with high speed taper roller bearings, and heavy duty axles for years of trouble-free towing
  • High Strength Frame newly designed frame provides improved durability and stronger support in the areas where you need it.
  • The raised frame construction allows for convenient dumping for a wheel-barrow.
  • Charging Height 60".
  • 2 pcs safety grill is stronger, safer and easier to use than a one pcs grill and will not damage the drum
  • Lifetime Warranty, All Crown mixers feature a lifetime warranty on the drum bearing and seals.
  • Heavy-duty one-piece cast-iron ring gear for longer life
  • Optional spiral mixing blade upgrade sold separately here
  • Optional lighting kit sold separately here
  • Free shipping from Crown warehouse
What's Included?
Crown 10S Mortar Mixer Specifications
Drum Capacity10 cu. ft.
Bag Capacity3-3.5 bags (88 lbs. pre-mix)
Max RPM32
Dimensions73" x 60" x 45"
Weight650 lbs.

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