Diamant Boart 4" Copper Pads for Granite

These new pads from Diamond Boart are the most innovative wet pads on the market! These wet pads integrate copper into a flexible bond. Fastest polishing pads we have used! Very flexible you can use them for flat edge polishing! Get the finish an excellent shine as good as you can get with any pad and better than you will get with most pads.

  • All copper pads have a New Low Price! - Was $44.50, now only $36!
  • Use in place of vitrified pads
  • Aggressive removal on flat edge
  • Use wet only
  • Ultra Fast Polishing
  • Use on wet polisher
  • Excellent Life Span
  • Use on flat edge only
  • 50 Grit, 70 Grit, 120 Grit, 220 Grit
  • These pads are meant to be run wet only. When used dry the copper will overheat which will ruin the pad and mark the stone.
  • A rigid backer is recommended for polishing with copper pads.

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