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159.6051 CS Unitec MHS11 Multi-Headed Floor Scabbler

  • MHS11 Multi-Headed Concrete Floor Scabbler is a portable, compact, low-vibration machine that cvers up to 100 sq. ft./hour!
  • Integrated Vibro-Lo™ vibration reduction technology
  • 159.5050 CS Unitec MHS5 Multi-Headed Floor Scabbler

  • MHS5 Multi-Headed Concrete Floor Scabbler is the ultimate demolition tool for quick concrete removal
  • Integrated dust shroud for dust and debris collection
  • 7882 Edco CD-3/CD-5 Scabblers

    $5,486.67 to $9,074.00
  • Uses compressed air to hammer carbide bits into concrete surfaces.
  • Can remove up to 1/4" in a single pass.
  • Bits last approximately 50 hrs.
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