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9 Products

88517 Rubi Chute Scaffold Fastening System

  • Reinforced mounting bracket to fix top of chute to scaffold.
  • Easily fixes to the scaffold.
  • 88519 Rubi Rubble Chute Chain Set

  • Set of chains for rubble chute (2un).
  • Extra-reinforced. 7mm thickness.
  • 88516 Rubi Chute Control Ring

  • This accessory fixes to the last section of the chute.
  • It allows the last section of the chute to be easily maneuvered into the desired position.
  • 88514 Rubi Balance Beam Column Hook

  • This accessory is compatible with the winch to balance the chute fastening.
  • 88520 Rubi Bracket & Winch for Chute

  • Attaches to the chute support brackets for buildings and scaffold.
  • Ideal for building renovation works where a tower crane is not available.
  • 88515 Rubi Rubble Chute Support Bracket for Buildings

  • Reinforced mounting bracket for the top of the chute column.
  • Holds the weight of the chutes that hang from it.
  • 88813 Rubi Rubber Rubble Chute Side-entry Section "RUBCHUTE"

  • Allows for unloading rubble at an intermediate section of the chute.
  • Specially adapted for unloading rubble from windows and balconies.
  • 88814 Rubi Rubber Rubble Chute Standard Section "RUBCHUTE"

  • Attaches to sections with top and side hoppers and to all other chute accessories.
  • Designed for loading waste from a wheelbarrow or shovel.
  • 88811 Rubi Rubber Rubble Chute with Top Metal Hopper

  • First segment of chute, with metal top hopper.
  • Designed for loading waste from a wheelbarrow or shovel.