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6885 Husqvarna K760 II Concrete Saw

$888.95 to $941.29
  • 5 hp, 74cc, air cooled, two cycle engine
  • The only power cutter with a 1 year warranty
  • Free Shipping by UPS Ground
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    6885K Husqvarna K760 II 14" Concrete Saw w/ VH5 Diamond Blade

  • 5 hp, 74cc, air cooled, two cycle engine
  • The only power cutter with a 1 year warranty
  • Kit includes (1) 14" saw and (1) 14" VH5 diamond blade
  • 966799401 Husqvarna K3000 Wet II Electric Concrete Saw

  • Wet cutting indoors and outdoors.
  • For cutting of building block, pipe, reinforcement bar, supports, etc.
  • Free shipping
  • 1194302 Imer Mortarman 120 Plus Portable Mortar Mixer

  • The 2hp 110V motor provides tremendous power to the oil bath gearbox.
  • Mix up all types of mortar, stucco, grout, dry pack, floor leveler, refractory mud in just 3 minutes.
  • Batch Output: 3 cu. ft.
  • 8311 Edco SS-26 Self-Propelled 26" Concrete Saw

    $10,739.54 to $20,542.16
  • 1-3/4 in. steel arbor shaft.
  • Includes electric start, 12 Volt battery and heavy-duty 30 Amp charging system.
  • Locking depth control allows operator to easily return to same depth,
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    3000 Quikpoint Mortar Gun Without Drill

  • Uses all standard and pre-mixed pointing mortars.
  • Works on floors and walls
  • Unbreakable polyurethane body and nozzle holder.
  • Mounts any 3/8" drill, if you are using a cordless drill must be 18 Volts.
  • 7806 Husqvarna FS 500 Concrete Saw

    $4,112.51 to $7,331.15
  • Small flat saws developed with a strong focus on ergonomics and user friendliness.
  • Engine options from 11 hp to 20 hp.
  • Free shipping from factory warehouse.
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    6725 Husqvarna Portasaw MS 355 14" Masonry Saw

    $1,897.77 to $2,858.71
  • 14" MI5 Diamond Blade
  • Available with a 1.5 hp, 2 hp, or 3 hp Baldor electric motor or a 5.5 hp Honda gas engine
  • 14" diamond blade capacity.
  • Free shipping from factory warehouse
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    968388404 Husqvarna K3000 Electric Cut-n-Break Concrete Saw

  • Dual 9" Diamond concrete Blades included
  • Depth of Cut: 2-1-/2" per pass with a maximum of 16"
  • Free shipping from the factory warehouse.
  • 9193 Multiquip Whiteman Steel Drum Concrete Mixer

    $1,875.75 to $3,350.97
  • Rugged 14-gauge engine cover.
  • Lower and wider loading drum, multi-position dump latch.
  • Hitch sold separately.
  • Free shipping from factory warehouse.
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    6590 Imer Workman II 250-350 Concrete Mixer

    $2,899.00 to $4,449.00
  • Free shipping from Imer factory warehouse
  • 9 cu.ft. models with gas or electric motors
  • One piece removable drum (easy to replace)
  • Belt driven gearbox (quiet and powerful)
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    9209 Core Cut CC3700 Self-Propelled Concrete Saw

    $13,916.52 to $19,067.40
  • Available with Lincoln electric 30 hp & 40 hp 460V 3 phase (motor starter switch-box included) or 30 hp Deutz Diesel or 25 hp Lesson 230V 3 phase electric engine.
  • 14-3/4" maximum cutting depth (36" blade)
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    3600 Quikpoint Mortar Gun w/ Black & Decker DR250 3/8" Drill

  • Uses all standard and pre-mixed pointing mortars.
  • Works on floors and walls.
  • Excellent mortar penetration.
  • Vibrator fed auger drive assures constant mortar bead.
  • Unbreakable polyurethane body and nozzle holder.
  • Eibenstock END130/3.1 3-Speed Hand Held Wet Core Drill

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  • Includes heavy duty plastic carrying case
  • 3-speed gearbox allows the operator to select the best speed for the core bit diameter.
  • Hand-held for up to 3" diameter and/or rig-mounted for up to 6" diameter core bit.
  • 967195701 Husqvarna K760 Cut-n-Break Concrete Saw

  • Dual 9" Diamond concrete Blades included
  • Deep cutting up to 16". 2-1-/2" per pass.
  • Ideal for window and door openings where you don't want over cutting at the corners.
  • 9195 Multiquip Whiteman Steel Drum Mortar Mixer

    $2,636.25 to $3,090.75
  • Improved high strength cast iron paddle arms with rubber blades.
  • Large B78x13" tires for smooth towing
  • Hitch sold separately.
  • Free shipping from factory warehouse
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    BPU3050A Wacker Neuson Reversible Vibratory Plate

  • Reliable vibratory plates offer maximum mobility.
  • Versatile reversible plates
  • The only plates with a durable, integrated wheel set that provides for maximum built-in mobility.
  • 1106045 Imer Small 50 Pumping & Spraying Machines

  • Spray or pump up to 3.5 gls. of material per minute.
  • Spray fire proofing, pump grout into door jambs, fill molds at precast plan, spray stucco onto residential homes, happy grout to finish rock walls.
  • 6600 Imer Mortarman 360 Series Mixer

  • Batch output is 9 cubic feet
  • No grease fittings or exposed bearings to maintain.
  • Mix concrete, max aggregate size is 3/8".
  • Free shipping from IMER factory warehouse.
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    7927 Cleform Gilson 300UT-PL Poly Drum Utility Mixer by Marshalltown

    $690.00 to $2,499.00
  • 5-1/2 cu ft. drum with 3 cu ft batch output.
  • Suitable for concrete, food products and a variety of other materials.
  • FDA / NSF / USDA approved, non-stick polyethylene drum.
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    9196 Multiquip Whiteman WM Poly Mortar Mixers

    $2,675.97 to $3,450.97
  • Tough polyethylene drum can be cleaned in minutes.
  • Large B78x13" tires for smooth towing.
  • Hitch sold separately.
  • Free shipping from factory warehouse
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    6715 Husqvarna MS 510 Guardmatic 14/20" Electric Block Saw

    $3,489.24 to $4,190.64
  • Large jobs for cutting block, brick or pavers.
  • 3 hp, 5 hp, or 7.5 hp Baldor electric motor
  • Available with a 14" or 20" blade guard.
  • Free shipping from factory warehouse.
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    6605 Imer Mortarman 750 Series Mixer

  • Drum capacity is 22 cubic ft.
  • Mixes 1600lbs of mortar, dry pack, stucco, or sand & cement.
  • Mix concrete, max aggregate size is 3/8".
  • Free shipping from IMER factory warehouse
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    7970 Edco Dyma-Serts For Concrete

  • Sold individually requires 3 per head.Holding case & wood wedges sold separately.
  • Long lasting- up to 30,000 sq feet (2,800 sq meters) of grinding action.
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    Whether you're a homeowner, a general contractor or a specialist, we have the tools to get the job done right. Work, grind, cut, mix, concrete or mortar, with our hand-picked selection of reliable tools. You can browse our large selection of contractor quality concrete & masonry equipment. We feature Cut-Off Saws, Walk-Behind Concrete Saws & Maonry Saws from Husqvarna, Norton Clipper, Wacker Neuson, Core Cut, Dewalt, Multiquip, Soff-Cut, MK Diamond, & more. The concrete & masonry tools section also has diamond blades for concrete, masonry, asphalt & green concrete, crack chasing & tuckpointing. We also carry portable concrete mixers, cement mixers & mortar mixers, larger capacity towable concrete mixers & mortar mixers, rammers, plate compactors from Wacker Neuson, Mikasa by MQ & Weber MT, core drills, diamond core drill bits, concrete surface grinders & polishers, sarifiers, concrete vibrators, power trowels, concrete screeds, rebar cutters.
    Cut-Off Saws
    Powerful & portable, We carry a full selection of cut-off saws, ring saws, & concrete chain saws. Husqvarna, Norton Clipper, Wacker, & ICS our most popular brands.
    • Cut-Off Saws - Gas, electric, hydraulic, & air models available.
    • Concrete Chain Saws - Suitable for retro installation (vent, air, electro), corner cutting, precision cutting, stone, monument work, general concrete cutting, pile cutting, pipeline cutting, & demolition.
    • Concrete Ring Saws - Suitable for Deep concrete cutting, water sewer maintenance and demolition work.Use the hydraulic model for under water work.
    • Accessories - Cutting carts, transport boxes, water tanks, and accessories.
    • Parts - Filters, bearings, bars, & more.
    Walk-Behind Concrete Saw
    Powerful & portable, We carry a full selection of cut-off saws, ring saws, & concrete chain saws. Husqvarna, Norton Clipper, Wacker, & ICS our most popular brands.
    • Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Concrete Saws - Professional & very versatile flat saw for large & mid-size jobs. Self-propelled saws are pushed into the cut by diverting some of the engine power and directing it to the rear wheels via a hydrostatic drive.
    • Push Walk-Behind Concrete Saw - Compact, lightweight, engineered for maneuverability & reliability. Saws are propelled into the cut by the operator by pushing on the handlebars of the saw.
    • Green Concrete Saws - Cuts control joints in green concrete & decorative lines in cured concrete. Green concree is concrete that is less than 24 hours old unless additives or unusual temperatures are encountered.
    • Accessories - Water tanks, lifting bales & accessories.
    • Parts - Belts, water pumps, blade guards, air filters, & more.
    Masonry Saws
    • Masonry Block Saws - Designed for vigorous masonry cutting operations including 8" x 8" x 16" block, & multiple bricks.
    • Masonry Brick Saws - Compact masonry saw capable of cutting a wide range of brick & pavers. Great for landscape work.
    • Accessories - Stands, wheel kits, dust hoods, veneer & corner cutting jigs, wet kits, & accessories.
    • Parts - Cutting carts, guides, pumps, splash curtains & more.
    Diamond Blades
    Complete Selection of concrete & masonry diamond blades. We carry blades for cured concrete, asphalt, green concrete, & general purpose cutting. You will also find a variety of segmented & turbo blades for cutting brick, block, & pavers. Diamond chains & ring saw blades are also available. We carry the top names in the industry - Husqvarna, Norton Clipper, Soff-Cut, Pearl Abrasive, Diteq, MK Diamond, & more.
    Concrete & Mortar Mixers
    We have a large selection of well known brands for mixing concrete, cement, mortar, & plaster. Imer, Whiteman by Multiquip, Marshalltown, Crown, Collomix, Eibenstock are just a few. Choose from portable or towable mixers with gas, electric, & diesel motors available.
    • Mortar Mixers - Mixers ideal for mixing mortar, grout, stucco, plaster & dry pack.
    • Concrete Mixers - Choose from electric, gas or diesel powered models.
    • Hand-Held Mixers - Double paddle mixers from Collomix & Eibenstock.
    • Accessories - Mixing stands, hitches, Ezee Clean Concrete Dissolver, & more.
    • Parts - Replacement buckets, paddles, belts
    Compaction Equipment
    We offer a variety of walk-behind compactors with superior performance, value-added features, & easy service including rammers, plates, trench rollers & walk-behind rollers. Superior compaction in any direction. Ideal for compacting sand, gravel, & mixed soils in narrow trenches & along foundations, walls, & abutments.
    • Single Direction Plate Compactors - Forward compaction plates are ideally suited to the compaction of sand, gravel, no-slump concrete, small grained crushed aggregates and insulating materials.
    • Rammers/Stompers - Ideal for trenches or tight compaction areas, also foundations, footings & site prep compaction.
    • Reversible Plate Compactor - Reversible plate compactors are ideal for compacting sand, gravel, mixed soils in narrow trenches, & along foundations.
    • Accessories - Water tanks, paver pads protections, wheels kits & more.
    • Parts - Ignition Modules, service kits, bellow boots, fuel tank caps, & more.
    • Trench Rollers & Duplex Rollers - Provide optimum productivity on all soils, work hard & deliver maximum total applied force for greater impact in a single pass.
    Core Drill Equipment
    View our large selection of hand-held core drills & core drill rigs. Efficient drilling equipment is just as much about maneuverability &ergonomics as it is about capacity &adaptability to different drilling jobs, whether drilling by hand or using a stand.
    • Core Drill Rigs - Gas, electric, hydraulic, & pneumatic models available. Brands include Husqvarna, Kor-it, Eibenstock, Diteq, Core Bore by Diamond Products, & MK Diamond.
    • Handheld Core Drills - For drilling holes up to 6" in concrete, brick, block and asphalt.
    • Specialty Core Drill Rigs & Trailers - Mobile trailer systems, truck mount core drills, bucket/skid steer mounted core drills, & more.
    • Motors - Electric & hydraulic motors from Eibenstock, Husqvarna, & Core Bore Weka.
    • Core Drill Stands - Stands from Husqvarna, Eibenstock, Edco, & Core Bore.
    • Accessories - Shaft extensions, vacuum assembly, shaft couplings, water swivels, pillow blocks & more.