Trench Rollers & Duplex Rollers

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Trench Rollers & Duplex Rollers

9247 Chicago Pneumatic Remote Controlled Trench Roller Diesel Engine

  • Equipped with a Hatz 17.8 hp Diesel engine.
  • Centrifugal Force: 16,500 lbs, 65 kN.
  • Choice of 24" or 33" Width.
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    MR7000 Chicago Pneumatic, 26" Walk-Behind Roller w/ Hatz 1D50S 9.3 HP Electric Start, Diesel

  • Fully hydraulic which allows a small overhang enabling the roller to run close to obstructions, such as walls.
  • Equipped with a large watertank, dead-man’s handle and push-stop.
  • Centrifugal Force: 4,725 lbs
  • 9519 Wacker Neuson Single Drum Vibratory Roller

    $10,742.88 to $11,475.53
  • High curb clearance and close side clearance.
  • 3,400 lbs centrifugal force.
  • RS800A recoil start, RSS800A electric start with recoil back-up.
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    RD 16-90 Wacker Neuson Hydrostatic Vibratory Roller

  • High performance rollers offer excellent compaction results.
  • Dual drum drive for maximum traction and articulated steering for extremely accurate control.
  • RD12A-90 Wacker Neuson Hydrostatic Vibratory Roller

  • Dual drum drive and articulated steering for extremely accurate control.
  • Outstanding overall roller performance and a high exciter frequency allows compaction at faster speeds
  • RD7H-ES Wacker Neuson Double Drum Vibratory Roller

  • Walk-behind, double drum vibratory roller
  • Unique clutch/pump drive system provides easy cold weather starting and allows for no-load starting of engine.
  • R2000H Multiquip Ride-On Tandem Drum Roller

  • Use for small asphalt paving jobs such as driveways, bike paths, and for patching.
  • Can be used for granular sub-base soil compaction in preparation of asphalt paving.
  • 8 HP Honda gasoline engine.
  • 10015 Multiquip AR13 Tandem Drum Ride-On Rollers

    $19,994.28 to $23,445.28
  • Designed for compacting asphalt and sublayer granular and mixed soils.
  • Five-year warranty on drive motors.
  • 3,100 lbs centrifugal force, 4,000 vibrations per minute.
  • Call For Freight Charge.
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    8022 Weber mt TRC Trench Roller Kohler Diesel

  • Motor 26.5 hp Kohler Diesel.
  • Compaction Force is 16,860 lbs.
  • Frequency is 1,920 Vpm.
  • Drum Width is 26" or 34".
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