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 A-Square CH Hanson aluminum folding square. A time saving tile & flooring tool.
 Abrasive Technologies Polishing pad for granite, marble, & stone. Marble polishing compound, Diamond hand pads by Abrasive Technologies .
 Aco Polymer Products Aco Polymer Products QuARTz shower channels allow the bathroom floor to take on a new dimension to become an integral part of the design. Eliminate barriers in the shower layout for level threshold designs.
 Alpha Quality tools for the professionals. Diamond blade, stone polishing equipment, air polisher, stone & tile saws, diamond polishing pads, Alpha profiler, & more.
 Aqua Mix Offering the largest selection of Sealers, Cleaners, Problem Solvers, Grout Colorant and Stone Restoration products.
 Armeg Armeg PTC drill bits are specifically designed and developed for drilling porcelain ceramic tile.
 Artisan Manufacturing Corp Artisan undermount sinks offer the function and convenience of a professional sink. The extra deep bowls in Artisan sinks can accommodate large pots and pans, no more spillovers.
 Barwalt Tile tools, spacers, tile and grout cleaning equipment, knee pads, grout floats, trowels, & mud mixers.
 Belle Group Cement mixers, concrete power trowels, plate compactors, rollers, soil rammer, tampers, concrete buggies, concrete & mortar mixers, concrete breakers, hydraulic power packs, paver block splitters, concrete screeds.
 Better Bench Innovis better bench triangular bench and triangular shelf system.
 BJM Pumps Submersible pumps from 1/6th HP to 30HP. Each designed for one or more applications. Models available include: Slim Line Top Discharge De-Watering pumps.
 Bright Glaze Cleaners & Sealers Bright Glaze has a complete line of granite sealers, grout sealers, tile & grout cleaners, & more
 Bucket Dolly Bucket dollies & roller knee pads give you mobility saving your knees, tile, & money.
 Cheng Concrete Countertops Concrete countertops sealers and colors.
 Chicago Pneumatic Our wide product range includes breakers, rock drills, rotary and chipping hammers, clay diggers, picks and busters, sump and sludge pumps, soil- and asphalt compaction equipment and a whole lot more.
 Cleform Gilson Mixers Concrete, cement & mortar mixers By Marshalltown.
 Collomix Grout, concrete & mortar mixers, mixing tools, mixers and automatic mixing machines for professional use.
 Core Bore by Diamond Products Core Bore by Diamond Products. Core drill & diamond core drill bit by Diamond Products.
 Core Cut by Diamond Products Concrete & asphalt cutting by Diamond Products.
 Crain High quality flooring tools by Crain. Door jamb saws, toe kick saw, & undercut saws.
 Crown Concrete, cement, & mortar mixers, concrete screed machines, concrete buggies.
 CS Unitec Cement mixers, diamond core drill, concrete grinders, concrete saws, stone polisher, concrete & mortar mixers, wet diamond core drills hydraulic and air.
 CST Berger/ Stanley Lasers levels, Stanley fat max, Trimble, Spectra laser distance measurer, & other construction equipment.
 Dewalt Tile saws, generators, diamond blades, power tools, concrete cut off saws, rotary hammers, Dewalt hammer drill, 70lb demolition hammer, angle grinders, concrete vibrator, & more.
 Diamant Boart Diamond tools, diamond core drill bit, diamond polishing pads for stone, profile wheels, bullnose bits, wet saw blades, & other stone tools.
 Diteq Concrete grinding equipment, core drills, wall saws, wet polisher, stone track saw, tile saws, polishing pads, concrete cut off saw, & diamond blades.
 Ebbe Square Drains The name ebbe is derived from the term “ebb” as used in the terms “ebb and flow” and “ebb tide”. It means to begin to recede. When a high water level is reached water immediately begins to recede. ebbe is pronounced the same as the term “ebb” with a long “e” sound at the end
 Edco Concrete grinding equipment, chisel scalers, tile strippers, scarifier, concrete power trowels, & dust recovery systems.
 Felker Wet saws, diamond blades, tile saws, tile cutters.
 Flex Power Tools Flex wet polishers, variable speed angle grinder, edge milling machine, stone fabrications tools.
 Gemini Saw Co Gemini Revolution ring saw have no limits, endless length & width capability. Cut inside & outside radius curves in porcelain, granite, stone, & more.
 Grout Grabber The Grout Grabber tool was developed to answer the demand for a tool that would remove grout rapidly without damaging tile, or creating a lot of dust.
 Hawk Enterprises Hawk Enterprises Floor Machines, Buffers, Burnishers, Concrete Grinding, floor applications in office buildings, schools and universities, health-care environments, retail stores, malls, and more.
 Husqvarna Formerly Target, Partner, & Felker Tilematic tile saws, Partner cutoff saws, walk-behind concrete saw, brick saws, surface grinder, scarifier, core drill, diamond core drill bit, & diamond blades.
 Hydra Sponges Grout cleaning sponges for epoxy & sanded grout. These sponges are more durable than any other polyester sponge and more cost saving than any natural sponge.
 Hydro-Handle Hydro Handle Professional attaches to any 3/8" and 1/2" cordless drill. Instantly converting your drill into a robust water-feed system.
 ICS Hydraulic chain saws, power packs, concrete cut off saws, & diamond chains for stone & concrete cutting.
 Imer Wet tile saws, concrete mixers, grout pump, mortar mixers, masonry saws for brick & block, 10ft stone saw.
 Johnson Levels Levels & laser equipment.
 Kor-IT Diamond tools & core drill machines for the concrete cutting industry.
 Kristal Kristal manufactures professional grade tile cutters.
 Lackmond Tile and stone saws, diamond saw blades, grinding wheels, drill bits, concrete saws, core drill rigs.
 Laticrete Innovative Tile and Stone Installation Systems. LATICRETE is a world-wide manufacturer and marketer of installation systems for ceramic tile and stone used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.
 Little Giant Pump Co. Little Giant Pump Company's comprehensive line includes wastewater pumps, sump, effluent and sewage pumps, dewatering/trash pumps, condensate pumps, magnetic drive pumps, low pressure sewer systems, water garden pumps and products, and a wide variety of utility pumps.
 Makita Generators, gas & electric cut-off saw, 70 lbs demolition hammer, angle grinders, cordless concrete vibrator, diamond blades, stone wet polisher, hammer drills, concrete grinder & more.
 Mark E. Industries Quick pitch, string level, kirb perfect, pre pitch. Installation tools for tile and stone.
 Marshalltown The Marshalltown trowel has become known as the best trowel on the market. View our large selection of finishing & notched trowels.
 MBW Tamper, rammer, plate compactor, Soil & asphalt compaction, Concrete screed, Power trowels.
 Melnor Leading producers of lawn and garden watering products in North America. The name Melnor has become synonymous with innovation and high-quality. Melnor goal is to be the first in innovation and customer satisfaction in the lawn and garden market.
 MK Diamond MK Diamond tile saw, diamond blades, concrete core drills, diamond core drill bit, concrete grinder, demo saws, cutoff saws, granite polishing pads, wet polishers, & other stone & tile tools.
 Montolit Masterpiuma porcelain tile cutter and Terminator diamond blades.
 Multiquip Light-to-medium size construction equipment and power-generation equipment. Rammers, plate compactor, power trowels, concrete mixers, concrete cutting equipment.
 Noble Company Bonded waterproof membranes are adhered to the substrate and allow for the direct application of tile. Sheet membrane, shower drains, shower niches, shower pan liner, NobleSeal TS, Noble shelf bench and tile ready shower base.
 Northrock Industries Concrete vibrators, ceiling grinders, scalers, power screeds, & industrial grinders
 Novatek Concrete grinding, tile strippers, scalers, chisels, & dust extraction machines.
 Nuheat Nuheat Floor Heating Systems provide soothing warmth to various types of flooring surfaces including tile, stone, granite, laminate and engineered wood.
 Partner Husqvarna (formerly Partner) is a world leader in handheld power cutters. Because its range includes machines with various types of power sources, you can always find the right machine for the job.
 Pearl Abrasive Tile saws, diamond blades, concrete cutting, wet saws, concrete grinding equipment.
 Powermate Whether it is for an industrial jobsite, contractor market or home use, Powermate has a solution for every need. In addition to the Powermate branded products, we offer many other popular brands recognized by both professionals and consumers as category-leading products to address the most demanding needs.
 Pramac Pramac generators are manufactured with high quality standards and all are designed to offer reliable portable power to the consumer at an affordable price. Generators are small in size and footprint, yet big in function and capability.
 Primo Tools Back Butter Buddy, Bucket Brush Wring master, and other innovative tools.
 QEP Wet saws, tile saws, tile cutter, Roberts jamb saw, vinyl cutter, & other tile tools.
 Quick Drain Linear shower drains designed and manufactured to offer quality, luxury and an elegant design to any home shower. The ProLine system makes shower conversion and replacement easier for hotels and hospitality properties.
 Quick Drive Quick drive fastening kit, backerboard screws, underlayment screws,
 Quikpoint The Quickpoint mortar gun, for the past 16 years has proven job tough and the state of the art for all types of masonry joint applications.
 Racatac Kneepads for the tile contractors & more. The Racatac is a roller kneepad that will save your knees & back
 Raimondi Tile saw, tile cutter, Floor leveling system, grouting and cleaning tools for commercial and residential ceramic tile installations.
 Rodia Rodia is the Premier Manufacturer of Professional Equipment, Tools & Accessories for Tile, Stone, Sanitary Ware, Masonry, Concrete & Brick. Our product line includes: Stainless Steel Cutting Equipment
 Rubi Tools Tile saw, tile cutter, grout cleaning, laser equipment, mortar mixer, wet saw.
 Sigma Sigma® Snap Tile Cutters are known as being in a league of their own for their quality. These Italian-made manual tile cutters are able to cut the hardest porcelain
 Siri Tile cutter, grout wash bucket, suction cup, tile spacers, laser equipment.
 Spectra Precision Laser Lasers levels, Spectra Precision Laser, laser distance measurer, & other construction equipment.
 Stabila Levels & laser equipment. Masonry, plumbing, & general contractors applications.
 Stanley Bostitch Hammer Tackers, stapling pliers, staples, utility knifes and razor blades, Stanley Bostitch & Stanley FatMAx tools.
 Subaru Industrial Power Products Subaru portable generators and Water pumps include features the professionals demand and the discerning customers require. Industrial replacement engine.
 Superior Tile Cutters Superior Tile Cutter, Inc. established in 1930 is the pioneer manufacturer of quality, durable ceramic tile cutters, carbide tipped nippers, chisels and cutter wheels.
 SuperiorBilt SuperiorBilt premium tools is further proof that Custom Building Products is the only source you need for superior products and support.
 Tajima Ink chalk snap line, layout tools, floor scrapers, pull-stroke saws
 Target Husqvarna (formerly Target) extensive range of saws includes productive saws for tile, stone, masonry, floors, driveways, highways, streets, runways, new and old concrete and asphalt.
 Tavy Tile spacer, level, underlayment membrane.
 Tolman Tool Manufacturing Concrete rebar cutter bender, concrete equipment.
 Tomecanic Tomecanic manufactures specialized tile tools, tile cutter, tile nippers, diamond hole saw, & wet tile saws.
 Voltec A provider of premium power and lighting equipment including worklights, extension cords, and GFCI.
 Wacker Neuson High-quality, light construction equipment, soil and asphalt compaction, concrete technology, demolition utility, compact construction machines.
 Weber mt Tamper, rammer, plate compactor, trench roller, Soil & asphalt compaction.
 Westinghouse Generators complete line of residential portable and standby generators designed specifically for homeowners. Our residential generators are some of the most powerful, efficient, safe and reliable systems available
 Wyco Concrete vibrators, backpack vibrators, Square head technology.
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