Chicago Pneumatic Plates Block & Paver Kit

  • To avoid damaging the surface of the pavers, it is strongly recommended that the base of the plate compactor is covered with a rubber/neoprene mat during the compacting process.
  • After laying, concrete block pavers are compacted to level using a vibrating plate compactor.
  • It is essential that the base of the compactor plate is clean and free from concrete, cement or any other material that could stain or mark the surface of the blocks.
  • Compaction during wet weather, or compaction of a damp surface can cause marking/staining of the surface, and so is best avoided.
  • Any staining or marking should be washed off with clean water as soon as possible.
  • The laying course material should be flexible during compacting of the pavers.
  • Compacting (wackering) pavers on a firm bed, such as hardened concrete, can cause significant damage to the surface.

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