CST/Berger Lasermark LM54


CST Berger Lasermark LM54 Interior-Exterior Multi-Line Laser

Pulsing Beams and Laser Detector

Perfect for hanging doors, framing, cabinet installation, shelving, installing drop ceilings, wainscoting, paneling, wall hangings, pipe and conduit, interior decoration, carpentry, simple masonry, wall fixtures and more, multi-cross line laser level is the most versatile laser tool available for the general or interior contractor. Features four laser-crosses at 90 degrees to each other and a laser cross on the ceiling. Laser lines switch individually for versatile and exact line placement. A graduated circle and tangent knobs make rotating the LM54E an ease. A visual alarm indicates unwanted position movement. Attaches to any standard 5/8-11" tripod. Pulsing horizontal or vertical lines for use in conjunction with the included laser line detector help detect lines when they can not be seen due to lighting conditions.

  • Cross line laser level with pulsing beams and detector.
  • 4 Laser-crosses at 90° to each other.
  • Laser-cross to the ceiling
  • Plumb down beam to the floor
  • Select 4 visible laser lines individually
  • Solid magnetic dampening
  • Adjustable 360° circle reading
  • Tangent screw—for fine tune adjustment
  • Compensator-lock for transport
  • Visible alarm when out of level
  • Use with floor trivet, removable, also mount to 5/8-11 thread
  • Battery life 30 hrs.
  • Water and dust proof.
  • Exterior kit includes LLD-20 laser line detector.

CST Berger LasermarkLM54
Ideal jobsInterior and outdoor jobsite
AccuracyHorizontal : +/- 1/4-in @ 100-ft (+/- 6mm@30m)
RangeUp to 75’ indoor dependent on illumination of area
Detector Range100-ft (30.5m)
Fan angle120 degree
Leveling range+/- 3.5 degree
Leveling speed3 seconds
Warranty1 year
PowerThree Ni-MH rechargeable batteries with charger

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