Alpha Zero Tolerance or Drum Grinding Wet Cutting wheel
  • Vertical grinding wheel, brazed diamond for long lasting.
  • Use on granite, marble
  • Profiler Z-30 maintains a very aggressive cutting performance and its original shape for a long time.
  • Choose from 3cm (1-1/4") or 4cm (1-1/2")
  • Alpha® Contour blade together with the AWS-125 Stone Cutter allows fabricators to cut a sink hole along the cut line quickly and safely.
  • In order to shape the edge to a desired profile, Alpha® introduces the Profiler Z-Series, Vertical Grinding Wheels.
  • Profiler Z-Series is also known as Zero Tolerance or Drum Grinding.
  • Most competitive products use sintered bond which eventually changes the shape of the wheel distorting the vertical edge.
  • Use along with a Corner Ruler to make uniform exterior corners.

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