Alpha Numero Uno Premium Wet Saw Blade for Stone Tile
  • Fast cutting blades.
  • For use on hard vitreous ceramics, marble, granite, & slate.
  • Not recommended for porcelain
  • Advanced rim style reduces the risk of chipping & breaking work pieces.
  • Designed for cutting granite, marble and engineered stone.
  • Available in sizes to fit most tub and tile saws and the Alpha Wet Stone Cutters.
  • For a long time, tile installers used expensive dry cutting blades to cut harder types of natural stone tile because there were no blades available designed to cut harder materials with wet saws.
  • Alpha Numero Uno is the first diamond blade developed specifically to fill this void, and it has lowered the cost of installing granite and harder types of natural stone tile.
  • Tile installers and tile shops will find that Numero Uno will cut the most difficult natural stone tiles quickly and efficiently.
  • Cost-effective and easy to use.
  • Numero Uno is the number one choice of blades for tile contractors and tile shops.

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A staple in our factory

by - verified purchaser
great for hard material like granite and quartzite

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Maybe Numero Dos

by - verified purchaser
This blade is just OK. At [$], it should be the best 10" blade on earth. It performs like a $50 blade from the [...] store. Granite and marble cut easily, but the bulk of the material these days is porcelain, and that is where this blade is ill suited. The cuts are full of chips, and it seems to really beat on the tile to cut it. I wouldn't recommend this for any precision work. I find other blades are better suited than this one. I know how loud a wet saw is, but this blade seems to make it ever louder.

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