Libero The Ultimate Blade for Marble
  • Premium blades for medium and softer grades of marble and travertine, soapstones and alabaster without the chipping and cracking commonly associated with the dry cutting process.
  • Reduce finishing time, save material.
  • Advanced electroplated bond outperforms any other blade when cutting softer grades of natural stone.
  • Cut stone that would normally crack and chip.
  • Tile installers will find Alpha Libero easy to use on softer marble and travertine tiles.
  • General contractors and sculptors will find Alpha Libero is great to use for difficult cuts.
  • 4" arbor 20mm / 5/8".
  • 4-1/2" blade has a 7/8" / 20mm arbor.
  • 5" blade has a 7/8" arbor.
  • 7" blade has a DM - 5/8" arbor.

Question & Answers

we do a lot of 45 miter cuts on our marble and travertine. Is this blade as effective for 45 degree cuts as it is at 90 degree cuts. thanks


Thank you for contacting Contractors Direct.

When you cut at a miter, you are cutting more material so the blade and saw will be working harder.

This blade is designed for cutting the material you work with. Always let the blade and saw dictate the speed of each cut. Alpha blades are high grade and thoroughly tested for quality assurance.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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Awesome blade

I do a ton of stone mosaic floors, i use this blade and it cuts the most fragile stones. I can cut my mosaics dry without messing up the alignment on the sheets, unlike if i had to cut them wet. No neet to cut each piece of stone individually. Best blade worth every penny, this is not an everyday blade for the grinder. I put it on when I need it and when I am done I remove it.

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