8" (20 cm) ADT Vacuum Suction Cup with Metal Handle

Whether you are working in the shop or on the job site, hand-held vacuum cups provide a quick and convenient way to handle smooth, nonporous stone, tile and cultured marble products. Perfect for bath tiles, floor tiles, facade slabs or counter tops.

  • 8" (203 mm) diameter vacuum suction cup with tough durable metal handle and brass gas barrel.
  • Durable metal handle with Red-line indicator warns user of any vacuum loss.
  • Fast attachment on smooth, nonporous flat surfaces.
  • Check valve allows re-pumping without loss of remaining vacuum.
  • Release valve lever permits quick and complete release.
  • Excellent for lifting and carrying stone tiles, slabs, and glass.
  • 125 lbs (57 kg) maximum horizontal lifting capacity and 100 lbs (45 kg) maximum vertical lifting capacity.
  • Come standard with rust-resistant parts, to withstand wet conditions associated with stone working.
  • Our vacuum cups are used extensively to lift and position stone facades, counter tops and flooring, or to move appliances in and out of work areas during the installation of stone products.
  • Setting and leveling of seams also is simplified.
  • The suction cup comes with a plastic carrying box.
Technical features
  • A few strokes of the plunger evacuate the vacuum pad, causing it to seal securely to the attaching surface.
  • When the cup is attached completely, the plunger stops moving.
  • Check valve allows the user to repump the cup without losing the remaining vacuum.
  • A release mechanism allows air to refill the evacuated space, so that the vacuum cup detaches completely, with no dangerous after-stick.
  • Cups are released by pressing the valve release lever located opposite the plunger.
  • Vacuum cups employ the force of atmospheric pressure to grip a surface.
  • When a vacuum exists between the cup and the surface on which it is attached, the weight of Earth’s atmosphere holds the cup in place with incredible force.
  • Unlike suction cups that produce a vacuum as they pull away from the surface, vacuum cups use a hand-actuated pump to efficiently remove air from between the rubber pad and the attaching surface, thus creating a much more reliable hold.
  • With the full face of the pad into contact with the surface, distortion is reduced, allowing the cup to be used on materials of almost any thickness with little risk of damage.

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