Laticrete Hydro Ban 5" Wide x 16.5' Long Sealing Tape

  • Best practice; sections of HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane should be butt- jointed and the seam between the HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane sections should be covered with HYDRO BAN sealing tape.
  • Make sure that the HYDRO BAN Sealing Tape overlaps each HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane section by a minimum of 2” (5 cm). The floor should be the last section installed. NOTE: Sections of HYDRO BAN Sheet Membrane may also be shingled (overlapped) during installation without the need for HYDRO BAN Sealing Tape.
  • Treat the vertical corners with the HYDRO BAN Sealing Tape next in the same manner as the floor-to-wall transitions were installed. Overlap the corners by 2” (5 cm)
  • For any sections where two strips of HYDRO BAN Sealing Tape will be joined, be certain to overlap the material by 2” (5 cm).
  • Important, there should not be excessive overlapping. For example, at the corner, the HYDRO BAN Sealing Tape should overlap the HYDRO BAN Preformed Corner but not the adjacent HYDRO BAN Sealing Tape.

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