Husqvarna Slinger 14" Joint Removal Blade, 541006326
  • Used for removing joint material on joint resealing projects.
  • Ninja joint cleaning blades are use in pairs for fast, aggressive removal of sealants and compressible in existing control joints while cutting joint face into smooth surface for resealing.
  • 14" (350) x .250 x 1 DP.
  • Equipment types: Concrete Saws.
  • Cutting method: Wet cutting.
  • Bonding/Weld type: Laser weld.
  • Arbor Size: 25.4 mm / 1 inch
  • Diamond depth: 0.250".
  • Max 4,365 RPM.
  • Ninja blades must be used in pairs, prices listed are for single blades.
  • Spacers are required for ninja blades.

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