11-800 Stanley Carbide Utility Blade, 5-Pack Dispenser
  • Stanley CARBIDE Utility Blades last more than five times longer than the competition due to groundbreaking Carbide Blade Technology.
  • Designed to deliver increased blade life, maintain first-cut sharpness and offer snap resistance.
  • Provide heavy users the long awaited durability needed to keep cutting through a variety of applications, including roofing, drywall, ceiling tile installation, and other building products that prove challenging for traditional blades.
  • Stanley's CARBIDE Utility Blades are uniquely manufactured by way of a patent-pending process that uses high-powered laser technology to deposit tungsten carbide powder onto the edge of every blade.
  • Diamond wheels are then used to grind a sharp finished angle on each CARBIDE blade. This high-speed process creates a durable and long-lasting edge while maintaining a flexible steel blade body.

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