081032 Tomecanic Wishbone Professional 28" Tile Cutter
  • 28" cutting capacity (730mm).
  • 20-1/4" diagonally (515mm).
  • Ergonomic and perpendicular handle for a natural cutting movement.
  • Exclusive "clear view" handle allows the user full view of the wheel and the tile being cut.
  • Unique design takes the guesswork out of making a perfect score.
  • Extra thick heavy duty rubber pads prevents cutter from moving.
  • Ball bearing carriage and dual chrome-plated steel rails provide a smooth guide for effortless, clean cuts.
  • Adjustable measuring guide for accurate cuts and quick repeat cuts.
  • Padded side extension arms support large format tiles.
  • Arm and wrist are perfectly aligned for easier work and there are no risk of injury.
  • Tracing is visible through the open work handle.

Question & Answers

How long does the cutting wheel last?

Texture and type of material affects the life of the cutting wheel. There is no way to measure the lifespan

Where does this ship from? How long to ship to dallas tx?

This Tomecanic tile cutter ships from our warehouse in Connecticut. Typical shipping times to Dallas Texas are 3-4 business days. Click here for shipping times does not include weekends

Can you order a case for it

Thank you for contacting Contractors Direct. There are no cases available for Tomecanic cutters at this time.

Does this tile cutter come with a case?

No, the Tomecanic Exclusive 28" Tile Cutter does not come with a case

Does it come with a replacement scoring wheel?

No, the Tomecanic Exclusive 28" Tile Cutter does not come with a replacement scoring wheel. You can purchase one at Contractors Direct

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Out of square

Great tile cutter for the price. But started cutting out of square after the second week of use.There are no adjustments to resquare the cutter.

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